Our Courses

Feldenkrais Method

Feldenwhat? It’s the surname of the Engineer, Judoka, and Scientist who founded the method.


We teach Awareness through Movement (ATM) lessons. In these lessons, you are guided verbally through a sequence of movements. Lying on the floor, standing, or sitting on a chair, you are invited to explore easy and unusual movements that allow you to improve both the range and quality of your movements. We advocate intelligence rather than effort. Therefore, during the lessons, you will move within your comfort zone while discovering new ways to organize your movements.


18:30H – 19:30H


If we are exploring movement, there needs to be a Martial Art at the Forest Lighthouse!


Aikido has its origins in traditional Japanese Martial Arts and has roots spanning all the way back to Buddhist philosophy. At the center of Aikido’ lies the concept of ‘Budo’ – the ‘way’. Budo is a mindset that helps us navigate our lives and better determine our own path.


In its essence, Aikido is wonderfully connected to life itself, enacting and transforming our daily conflicts and challenges into a concrete way of moving on the Tatami. You’ll learn to use natural and organic movements, fall with confidence and defend yourself while feeling centered.


18:30H – 19:30H