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Awaken Your Potential Unlimited discovery pass at €50, Ashtanga Yoga & Feldenkrais

Until the 12th of May. Get started now with our 30-day unlimited discovery pass. Discover the centre, the courses and the teachers.

Connect with your body

Experience a transformation that makes you more available and vibrant in your everyday life, thanks to an integrated somatic approach.

A Welcoming space

Find a bright haven in the city, where learning conditions are key.

Enseignants Bienveillants

Profitez d’un enseignement focalisé sur votre processus personnel et adapté à vos besoins.

Learning in motion

Adopt a global educational experience based on your innate bodily intelligence.


274 Rue des Alliés
1190 Forest

Discovery Pass 50€ to get Started

30 Day Trial: Find out what suits you, discover the space and the teachers.

Unlimited: No need to count to get started.

Feldenkrais & Yoga: Two disciplines for greater vitality. One, the other or both.

Mats on loan: If you have a mat, bring it! If not, we'll lend you one to get you started.

From your 1st class: On your first class you will receive a pass with your name for 30 days.




(8h30*)-9h>10h : Ashtanga Yoga
w/ Giselle

18h15- 19h15 : Feldenkrais
(FR) w/ Nikos


18h30 - 20h00 : Ashtanga Yoga Fundamentals
w/ Alexandra Salomon


(7h00*)-7h30>8h30 : Ashtanga Yoga
w/ Giselle


18h15- 19h15 : Feldenkrais
(FR) w/ Betzabel


(8h30*)-9h>10h: Ashtanga Yoga
(FR) w/ Giselle

* For Mysore Ashtanga Yoga students are welcome to join 30 minutes prior to the scheduled time. Beginners will commence their practice thereafter, under the guidance of the instructor.

Ashtanga Yoga A Flexible Body

Ashtanga Yoga is a dynamic form of yoga that combines sequences of postures (asanas) and a controlled breathing technique (pranayama) to create a continuous, energising flow.

Born in India and popularised by Sri K. Pattabhi Jois, this style of yoga is designed to purify the body, tone muscles and increase flexibility, while cultivating a focused and available mind. Each session is a moving meditation that aims to harmonise body and mind, leaving you refreshed and fully attentive.

Ashtanga Yoga is a universal practice, suitable for all levels, for a physical and mental transformation within everyone's reach.

Feldenkrais Method A Flexible Mind

The Feldenkrais Method is a somatic approach to learning that aims to improve your abilities and quality of life.

By following guided movement sequences, you will learn to become aware of your bodily habits and to identify and release unnecessary tension. This method helps to improve self-organisation and reduce pain. It also encourages deeper awareness, enabling you to change your daily habits.

Accessible to all, whatever your age or level, the Feldenkrais Method opens the door to unexplored potential for a life richer in choices and possibilities.

30 days unlimited Get Started Right Away

50€ to discover a new way of moving through life. 


Offer valid until the 12th of May. Buy now start later. (valid 2 month)