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Sattriya dance Masterclass


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14 Apr - 16 Apr



Forest Lighthouse


About this event

Sattriya dance is a classical dance form from the Indian state of Assam that originated in the 15th century as part of the Vaishnavite Bhakti movement. It was traditionally performed by male monks in the satras (monasteries) as a form of devotion and storytelling, and incorporates elements of music, drama, and martial arts. The dance is known for its intricate footwork and graceful movements, and has gained recognition as one of India’s eight classical dance forms. It is now performed by both men and women in various settings.

Bhabananda, Sattriya practitioner, has dedicated his life to learning, refining, and teaching this art form. Over the years, he has developed a unique approach to teaching in his introductory workshops. He offers the physical challenges of coordination, learning to differentiate different body parts, and following complex traditional rhythms. But he also encompasses a broader sense of the art of dancing, teaching a means of expression that weaves together movement, singing, facial expressions, and hand gestures in order to tell stories. These stories are based on a mythological and metaphorical language that transcends culture and origins. Bhabananda also offers a philosophical perspective on the act of performing in front of an audience and the meaning of tradition in our modern world.

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