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Kathak Roots


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03 Dec - 03 Dec



Forest Lighthouse


About this event

Kathak, a classical dance form of India celebrated for its intricate footwork, expressive gestures, and rhythmic movements, comes to life as rhythmical compositions are eloquently expressed through dance, voice, and live music—a hallmark of traditional Kathak performances.

Distinguished Kathak artist Shila Mehta, hailing from India, graces the stage, accompanied by three generations of performers. The journey unfolds as Maya, guided by her guru Shila Mehta, initiates Kathak education in Belgium. From her teachings, Yuka emerged as a co-representative of the Kathak education system at the Maya Sapera Dance Company.

The stage not only features the expertise of Shila Mehta but also highlights the seamless transition of Kathak knowledge from one generation to the next. Witness the continuity of this classical dance form as Shila Mehta’s students express the beauty of Kathak through their mesmerizing performances.

Dance Artists:
Shila Mehta
Maya Sapera,
Yuka Numao
& their students
Music Artists:
Mahabub Khan: voice
Kabir Khan: sitar
Leen Minten: tabla

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