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During the practice of movement research, we’ll use several tasks and structures with the aim of gathering our dance into a
social and performing aspect. Improvisation will be the base of our practice. From solo’s to group community-exercises we will find strategies to encourage our movement qualities and movement situations. We will develop strength, coordination and perception. The negotiation between the technical and emotional body -playfulness- will be the main objective inside movement research class. This practice may lead us to a composition/choreographic research, but also to get to know the others through dancing. This practice is open to everybody, professional and amateurs.


Price : 95 Eur / registration fee of 45 eur required (as part of the 95 eur)

Registrations to the bank account BE42 0018 6231 8154 adding the communication “movement research + your name”
Please note that you inscription is completed only after payment and cancelations are not possible.


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