Unlearning Pain

1. Learning Goals and Content

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In the third part, you’ll learn about pain reprocessing therapy : how to rewire the neural circuits in the brain by helping people manage their fear, including practices such as performing provocative testing and graded exposure.

Learning goals

In this section, you will learn :

  • To use these instruments to assess clients for mind-body conditions;
  • To use these instruments to educate clients about mind-body conditions;
  • To confidently make a diagnosis of a mind-body condition when appropriate;
  • To explain their reasoning to the client and assess client’s readiness to engage in a mind-body treatment program;
  • To use a simple quiz as a bridge between assessment and treatment;
  • To describe the correct attitudes for treatment, including puppy training, scared and fallen child analogies and avoiding the six Fs;
  • To help clients use affirmations for recovery;
  • To use the during the day exercise for recovery;
  • To use somatic tracking, with IFS components for recovery;
  • To use the bring it on method to help clients in recovery;
  • To use positive affect to help clients in recovery;
  • To use compassion and self-compassion techniques to help clients in recovery;
  • To describe the key personality traits that are present in clients with mind-body conditions, and to help clients recognize and modify these personality traits.
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