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Sandra Rivas Arbesú

Sandra Rivas is a certified Mexican midwife trained in the femifocal approach to sexual and reproductive health care. An advocate for sexual and reproductive rights, she is an expert in childbirth support, postpartum care, birth preparation, and female physiological processes. A dancer and graduate midwife from the Instituto Nacional de Bellas Artes, she is a grantee of the Fondo Nacional para la Cultura y las Artes and has participated in transdisciplinary experimentation cycles at the Centro de Investigación para las Artes of the Centro Nacional de las Artes. Sandra remains an active artist, involved in various stage, educational, and medical projects within artistic, urban, and rural communities for different cultural institutes.

Since 2017, she has begun exploring movement as a source of healing creativity for pregnant women and as an alternative form of stage creation, drawing from the ritualistic perspective of percussive body movement.

She has participated in festivals and cultural projects at both national and international levels.