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Move Better, Live better w/ Feldenkrais Education

Feldenkrais introduction workshop and presentation of Brussels 3.

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17th & 18th of Dec

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2 days


English & French

General Public

Forest Lighthouse


Introduction to the Feldenkrais Method and presentation of the new Brussels 3 training program (Jan 2023).

Meet the team, the center and enjoy Christmas cookies with a good coffee!

This workshop is an opportunity to discover your unexplored human potential and reveal simple strategies to function better in everyday life. Learn through Awareness Through Movement lessons, new ways to move and new possibilities to increase your overall well-being. Themes include :

  • Relieving muscle tension and pain
  • Improving posture, balance and coordination
  • Creating more breathing freedom
  • Improving physical and mental skills
  • Discovering better grounding and balance in movement!
  • Explore and highlight your movement patterns
  • Connect with your inner strength through your skeleton
  • Discover how the plasticity of the brain allows you a true transformation process.

Meet the educational director Alan Questel, who will give an online ATM and then we will have a Q&A session (you can join from home to meet him) 18 Dec at 15H CET


Workshop with Yvo Mentens, Pia Appelquist, Betzabel Falfan and Nikos Appelqvist


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Of English and Danish origin, I grew up in France and studied cinematography in Belgium. I certified in the Feldenkrais Method® with the Cantal 1 training in France. My passion for the Feldenkrais Method and languages led me to be co-organizer and translator for the trainings in Brussels and to translate for the first time in French the best-seller "A busy persons guide to the Feldenkrais method".

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Of Mexican origin, I am a dancer and actress by training. At the center, I teach classical Indian Sattriya dance and the Feldenkrais Method. I am certified in the Feldenkrais Method® at Cantal 1, in Aurillac, France. I co-organize and administer the Feldenkrais professional training programs in Belgium since 2019 and accompany the students in these programs.

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