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The necessity of performing w/ Biloura

Performing arts workshop for improving presence and improvisation skills

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10 Dec, 11 Dec





Anglais / Français

All audiences. Performers and others.

Forest Lighthouse

About the workshop

The Necessity Of Performing is a performing arts workshop for improving the tools of the
performer and for digging into the original impulse of art creation, the so called “necessity”.

One focus of this workshop will be on presence-skills development, which will not only be used as a way
of practice, but also as a tool for creation and for composition. BILOURA has researched since its very
beginning in the field of presence techniques, using transdisciplinary and intercultural strategies, in order
to shape or remold exercises, developing a methodology for creation through presence – Poetic
Landscapes. For sharing this way of creating and performing, the two artists propose a set of exercises
for improving the quality of listening, the connection with intuition, the creative flow, the free response to
impulses, the accuracy and the expansion of the attention.

Another focus will be put on the original source of artistic creation, in other words: what motivates us to
“create” Art. What we call the ‘necessity of performing’ is an important drive for the individual artist to
understand the source of its artistic doing. Therefore we will dedicate to creation and composition
techniques, starting from an artistic reflection around the key-word “necessity”.
Requirements: basic level of English language, comfortable clothes, full presence for all the
appointments, being at ease in working creatively with body and voice.




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ANGIE ROTTENSTEINER Angie Rottensteiner, born in Austria in 1986, is performer, musician and director. She studied violin at the Conservatory of Music in Graz (AT) from 1996 to 2005, studied acting in Berlin (GER) with Manfred Otto in 2007 and 2008, and in 2012 she graduated in theatre and film science at the University of Vienna. To date, she has founded two performing arts collectives: ROSIDANT Collective in 2009 in Vienna, Austria and BILOURA Intercultural Arts Collective in 2013 in Italy, with whom she has created multiple performances and artistic projects in Europe, Asia and South America so fare. Her artistic research deals with social marginalization, diversity, interculturality and the possibility of art to overcome social, cultural and national barriers. In collaboration with other artists and collectives, she seek new forms of artistic expression and innovative methods of creating and practising art. In 2017, she won the “Start-Stipendium fur Darstellende Kunst “ an artistic research grant from the Ministry of Art and Culture of Austria with the project 5 VOICES FOR 1 and in 2021 the "Auslandstipendium" a grant for an artistic research project in South Korea. Her most recent artistic work as director – the visual dance performance SILENT VOICES, which deals with the exploitation of female bodies in the sex industry – was present at the Asia Culture Center in Gwangju, South Korea in February 2022.

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SILVIA RIBERO Performing artists and theatre anthropologist. Born 1985 in Turin, Italy. Early theatre education (1993-2008) by Cie. Faber Teater (Italy), Cie. CAST directed by Claudio Montagna (Italy) and Sergio Tofano Drama School of Turin (Italy). After a beginning career in theatre, develops her education and work towards a more international and multidisciplinary horizon, focusing especially on physical expressions such as physical theatre and dance. Masteclasses/collaborations with: Living Theatre (Europe), Odin Teatret (Norway), Marigia Maggipinto (Italy - Tanz Theater Wuppenthal Pina Bausch), Gey Pin Ang (Singapore), Workcenter of Jerzy Grotowski and Thomas Richards (Italy), Bhabananda Barbayan (India), Leszek Madzik (Poland), Fabrice Nicot (France), Sergei Kovalevich (Russia), Barbara Kraus (Austria), Cie. Deinde Teatrodanza (Italy), TanzTheatre Adrian Look (UK), Sasapin Siriwani (Thailand), Cie. I Patom Theatre (Latvia). In 2013 she founds BILOURA Collective with 10 international artists in Italy, since then she has been working as multifaceted performing artist, researcher and author within the collective, which has been giving the conditions to explore more aspects of the artistic crafts and deepen the professionalism of the performer. With the Collective she has been creating and performing in Europe, Asia and South America so far, collaborating with several cultural institutions and artists all over the world, moreover receiving official recognition for her artistic work.

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