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Feldenkrais Classes w/ Betzabel Falfan & Nikos Appelqvist

Awareness through movement group lessons.

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Tuesdays and Thursdays

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English / French / Spanish

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Forest Lighthouse


Tuesdays 5 pm SpanishOnline

Tuesday 6:30pm FrenchOnline and in Person

Thursdays 8:45 am FrenchOnline and in Person

Thursdays 10am EnglishOnline 


During Feldenkrais Awareness through Movement (ATM) lessons, you are guided verbally, without role models, through a sequence of movements. Lessons take place in lying on the floor, standing or sitting on a chair, and you are invited to explore easy, varied, unusual movements. They allow participants to improve both the range and quality of movement.

The lessons exist in an extraordinary varied repertoire, but essentially are governed by two fundamental principles.

First of all, you move in your comfort zone, the idea being to advocate intelligence rather than effort. Thus, the lessons take you beyond your limits while making you discover a new way to organize your movements.

Second, you should only cary the instruction to the extent that you are able to pay attention to what you are doing. If the mind begins to wander, if the movement becomes mechanical, you stop.

Using these principles, Feldenkrais’ lessons often produce unexpected and dramatic results. Although for Moshe Feldenkrais, all results are trivial compared to the importance of guiding your own learning.




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Nikos Appelqvist D'origine anglaise et danoise, j’ai grandi en France et ai suivi mes études de cinématographie en Belgique. Je me suis certifié à la Méthode Feldenkrais® avec la formation Cantal 1, en France. Ma passion pour la méthode Feldenkrais et les langues m’a amené à être co-organisateur et traducteur pour les formations à Bruxelles et à traduire pour la première fois en français le best-seller " A busy persons guide to the Feldenkrais method ".

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Betzabel Falfan Of Mexican origin, I am a dancer and actress by training. At the centre, I teach classical Indian Sattriya dance and the Feldenkrais Method. I am certified in the Feldenkrais Method® at Cantal 1, in Cantal, France. I co-organise and administer the Feldenkrais professional training programmes in Belgium since 2019 and accompany the students there.



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