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Feldenkrais private session


Length : 1h

Language : English / French / Spanish

Price : 50€


Individual Lesson


The Functional Integration sessions are individualised lessons, designed to meet the specific needs of each person.

The Feldenkrais practitioner, using hands and a gentle, non-invasive touch, guides the student to explore new movement patterns, or helps to refine pre-existing ones, and the student can lie comfortably on a table in a sitting or standing position. Supports such as cushions, rollers, mats and foam can be used to facilitate the learning process.

The manipulations of the Feldenkrais practitioner reflect back to the student the way they organise their body and actions. Using subtle and gentle hands, the practitioner establishes a sense of security and a supportive relationship. By cooperating with the unconscious mind, new movement possibilities can be formed in small increments.

Practitioners are trained to detect tiny resistances in your movement patterns that often reflect emotional, psychological and physical limitations.



Betzabel Falfan

Betzabel Falfan
Of Mexican origin, I am a dancer and actress by training. At the centre, I teach classical Indian Sattriya dance and the Feldenkrais Method. I am certified in the Feldenkrais Method® from Cantal 1, in Aurillac, France. I co-organise and administer the Feldenkrais professional training programmes in Belgium since 2019 and accompany the students in these programmes.

Nikos Appelqvist

Nikos Appelqvist
Of English and Danish origin, I grew up in France and studied cinematography in Belgium. I certified in the Feldenkrais Method® with the Cantal 1 training in France. My passion for the Feldenkrais Method and languages led me to be co-organiser and translator for the trainings in Brussels and to translate for the first time into French the best-selling book "A busy persons guide to the Feldenkrais method".

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