Sanitary Procedures

Sanitary Pass Procedures

Dear Lighthouse Participants

The Forest Lighthouse is committed to creating a Covid-safe environment. In order to comply with current procedures, we have enacted the following measures to ensure a safe and healthy learning environment for all of our participants.


What to expect? How can you prepare?

As of October 15, 2021, students attending our facility must present proof of vaccination, recovery, or a valid PCR or antigen test. Masks will no longer be needed upon entry to the Lighthouse.  Please have this readily available in order to generate prompt entry to the facility.


What if I’m not vaccinated?

Don’t worry! You can still continue your practice! Please present a valid test each time you come for your class to our teachers.


What if I’m vaccinated?

You’ll be requested to present your digital certificate using the Covid Safe App.

If you are a regular customer your teacher will know you and you will not have to undergo this procedure each time. We will all have to get used to these new measures very fast and we think this sacrifice to Covid measures will go smoothly with your friendly cooperation.