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A Unique Venue For Your Event

Organising a ?

Forest Lighthouse is crafted with the essence of 'learning' at its core. Learning, an innate human capability, enables us to develop, grow, and transform. For this potential to be fully realized, the right environment is crucial.

Forest Lighthouse provides a space that embodies warmth, safety, and inclusiveness. Bathed in natural light, it offers a serene atmosphere ideal for workshops, conferences, and training programs. The venue features a cozy café area, a well-equipped kitchen, an extensive and ever-expanding library, along with a comprehensive range of technical equipment. This makes Forest Lighthouse an ideal setting for a variety of educational events.

  • ±50 people

    You can fit 45 people lying down and 60 people sitting.

  • 230m2

    The floor is yours ! Access to the main hall 160m2, resting and eating area and equipped kitchen.

  • Great Coffee

    We love delicious Coffee ! Nothing like a good cappuccino for better learning.

  • Equipment

    Cameras, microphones, screens, projection, etc. You name it we probably have it.

Providing Learning Conditions

  • A spacious, well-lit hall

    The main hall has a wooden floor, brick walls, and abundant natural light streaming in from the windows and skylights.

  • Designed for Somatic Work

    Our journey is grounded in embodied learning. Therefor we have with the years equipped ourselves with yoga & Feldenkrais mats, Bodywork tables, rollers and more.

  • Film Studios

    Located downstairs, you'll find Lighthouse Labs, our audiovisual production hub specializing in film, documentary, and animation creation. If your event requires streaming or recording services, our skilled team is ready to assist.

  • Ressources and Library

    We believe in the crucial role of expanding horizons, hence we place significant emphasis on artistic and somatic resources. Our facility boasts a growing library with thousands of books.

Renting Fee

Hourly Rate

80€ /hour
  • Access to Main hall
  • Access Resting area
  • Changing Rooms
  • Basic Equipment (Sound system)
  • Hi Speed Internet

Day Rate

400€ /day
  • Exclusive access to entire floor
  • Main Hall, Changing Rooms, Café Area
  • Hi Speed Internet
  • Hall Equipment (Sound system, Projector, Tv, Drawing Board)
  • Cleaning Included

On Demand

Get A Quote
  • For longer renting periods
  • Request a technician
  • Someone to make coffee
  • Film or stream your event
  • Specific Equipment or Assistance

You have an audience but you aren't sure how to set up your workshop or training ? If you are interested in a collaboration to promote your event, get in touch with us to see if we can come up with a different kind of proposition :