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Abhinaya Classical Indian Dance Workshop w/ Bragha Bessell

The soul of dance

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10 - 12 November 2023

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3 days

Friday to Sunday-


All publics

Forest Lighthouse


Abhinaya, a fundamental aspect of Indian aesthetics, embodies the art of expressive communication through emotions.

1. Cheliye Kunjanamu: (For Beginners)

In this Padam, Radha is full of love and passion for her Lord Krishna. Her mood is elevated as she feels the romance in nature. She calls him to go to the garden with her.

Raga – Brindavana Saranga,
Tala -Aadi
Composer Swati Thirunal
Language: Hindi

2. 6th Ashtapadi from Gita Govindam: (Advanced )

Gita Govindam is a work by the 12th century poet Sri Jayadeva. It describes the relationship between Krishna and Radha. In this number, Radha describes to her friend the beautiful experience of her acquaintance with her beloved Krishna and requests her friend to go and bring Krishna to her.
This Ashtapadi is in Raga – Suddha Sarang , Tala – Misra chapu.
Composer: Sri Jayadeva
Language: Sanskrit

3 possible options for this workshop :

* Alapadma : Morning Beginners –  8 hours + Performance entry 
– Saturday 11 Nov From 9H to 13H
– Sunday  12 Nov From 9H to 13H
* Ardha Chandra : Afternoon intermediate / advanced – 8 hours +  Performance entry
– Saturday 11 Nov From 14H30 to 18H30
– Sunday  12 Nov From 14H30 to 18H30
* Trishula Intensive : Morning & Afternoon – 16 hours +  Performance entry
– Saturday 11 Nov From 9H to 18H30
– Sunday  12 Nov From 9H to 18H30


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Bragha Bessell began her apprenticeship at a very young age with Guru Late Sri. Mangudi Durairaj Iyer and perfected her skills with Guru Chidambaram.P.S. Kunjithapadam Pillai. She then continued her training with Padma Shri. Adyar K. Lakshman and learned the nuances of Abhinaya from Padma Bhushan Smt. Kalanidhi Narayanan. Bragha has been fortunate to participate in many of her gurus' productions. She worked as a guest teacher at Kalakshetra, where she taught Abhinaya for over 15 years. Her Nritta and Abhinaya are widely appreciated by students, teachers and connoisseurs alike. Bragha has performed extensively in India and abroad. She has danced in many Sabhas and participated in their major festivals. She has travelled to many countries to give performances and workshops. (European countries, America, Canada, Australia, Middle East countries, Singapore, Sri Lanka, etc.). Middle East, Singapore, Sri Lanka, to name but a few).

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