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Somatic education

Forest Lighthouse

The Forest Lighthouse, located in Brussels, is an international center dedicated to promoting somatic education. The center offers classes, workshops, and professional trainings that focus on pioneering and trusted somatic methods.


Learn with a regular practice. Discover weekly classes such as Feldenkrais and Yoga.

To discover a new practice or to immerse yourself briefly in a method, there is nothing like a workshop over several days.

Discover a skill or acquire new professional tools by diving into a professional training.

Somatic Education

Somatic methods recognize the body as a primary source of information, expression and learning, and value it as a fundamental aspect of the self. 

With somatic approaches, individuals can learn to listen to their bodies and respond to their needs and limitations with compassion and respect. This can help individuals live more fully, joyfully, and healthily in the present moment, and handle the challenges of modern life with greater ease and resilience.

Upcoming Program

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Sattriya dance Masterclass

Sattriya dance is a classical dance form from the Indian state of Assam that originated in the 15th century as part of the Vaishnavite Bhakti movement. It was traditionally performed…


Feldenkrais private session

The Functional Integration sessions are individualised lessons, designed to meet the specific needs of each person. The Feldenkrais practitioner, using hands and a gentle, non-invasive touch, guides the student to…


Feldenkrais training

Feldenkrais Education offers a 4-year professional training to become a certified Feldenkrais Method practitioner. This training will allow you not only to teach the method, but also to profoundly change…

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Unlearning pain

From pain management to recovery: Practical neuroplasticity and the emerging mind-body revolution in chronic pain treatment A potent neuroplasticity and psychotherapy treatment approach, this biopsychosocial innovation in treatment has helped…


Feldenkrais Classes

Tuesdays 5:30pm Spanish – Online Tuesday 6:30pm French – Online and in Person Tuesdays 5:30pm English – Online Tuesday 6:30pm French – Online and in Person   During Feldenkrais Awareness through…

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274 Rue des alliés, 1190 Forest