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Mexican Body Percussion w/ Sandra Rivas Arbesú (México)

Laboratory for body percussion and scenic sounds

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23 to 27 October 2023

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5 days


English, Espanol

Artists & performers

Forest Lighthouse


This lab is for performing artists who want to explore new tools and creative possibilities on stage with basic elements of rhythm and percussion in movement. Group experimentation sessions, design and experimentation of individual and collective scenes.

Body percussion in traditional Mexican dance has a ritual origin, connecting the performer to the earth and enabling him or her to get in touch with his or her own needs and abilities.
This generates close communication between the general body codes of a community and the individual. Returning to this principle, in this language and in the language of the group, opens up expressive possibilities that can provide us with scenic elements for professional work.

Intensive of 5 sessions of 3 hours each, for a total of 15 hours.


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Dancer and midwife, graduate of the Institut national des beaux-arts, recipient of a grant from the Fonds national pour la culture et les arts and participant in the transdisciplinary experimental cycles of the Centre de recherche pour les arts of the Centre national des arts. Active artist to date with various scenic, educational and medicinal projects in artistic communities and urban and rural communities for various cultural institutes. Since 2017, she has begun to explore movement as a source of healing creativity for gestating women and as an alternative means of scenic creation from the ritual perspective of percussive body movement. She has participated in national and international festivals and cultural projects.

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