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Dance and Feldenkrais, unlocking new patterns and moving beyond limitations

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3 - 5 Nov 2023

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3 days

13:00 - 17:00 / 10:00 - 15:00 / 9:00 - 14:00-


General Public

Forest Lighthouse


The workshop offers a deep, immersive experience into the universe of FATHOM HIGH, where we use neuroplasticity to unlock movement patterns, change our habits from the core, and move beyond limitations.

How does it work? 

FATHOM HIGH uses strategies like unorthodox coordination and attention games in order to develop a mindful state where learning is done with a sensation of constant child-like discovery, much in the same way that a baby discovers a movement for the first time.

We don’t teach people one way of moving. We teach them how to constantly expand their arsenal of possibilities. Since moving is a dynamic process that keeps on asking us to adapt, so we can move smartly, stay agile, overcome pain and injury, and become more resilient.

Who is it for?

  • If you wish to cultivate new ways of moving
  • If you’re curious about your body’s abilities
  • If you suffer chronic pain, injury, or constant physical discomfort
  • If you feel you’re in a ‘physical rut’ but unsure how to move past it – come and join the movement!

Is FATHOM HIGH only for dancers? 

The workshop is welcoming to everyone, no matter their age or background. Whether a professional dancer, an amateur, or an individual with limited background in dance, the practice is designed so that each participant evolves within their individual set of challenges.

The universe of FATHOM HIGH stands for inclusiveness. The instructions are always broad enough to challenge people on all levels, offering a space for growth within a diverse environment. This grew to become one of the strengths that this gathering offers.


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My meeting with the Feldenkrais® Method changed my life in every possible way. After my first encounter with the method I felt so free in my body in ways I’ve never experienced before. I quickly saw the huge potential in bringing this method into my dancing. So I decided to take time off from professional dancing for a year in order to dive into Feldenkrais. I left the dance company that I was in, packed a suitcase and traveled across Australia and India with an old tape recorder full of recordings of Feldenkrais classes. I practiced everywhere, day and night, in quiet spots, in cities, in parks, in nature, everywhere - practicing Feldenkrais and searching for a concrete bridge between Feldenkrais and my dancing. With time, through many experimentations the practice of FATHOM HIGH started to emerge. By the time the year finished, this research had deeply altered the way I moved and perceived my body. Since then I’ve been devoting my time to crafting and developing FATHOM HIGH. I use it to constantly develop my abilities as a dancer, as well as a base for my choreographic work. But more than anything - I use it to feel happy and fulfilled in my moving body. In 2015 I completed my Feldenkrais studies and became a certified Feldenkrais teacher.

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