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Weekend Workshop : Movement Research

Forest Lighthouse Rue Des Alliés 274, Bruxelles

During the practice of movement research we'll use several tasks and structures with the aim of gathering our dance into a social and performing aspect. Improvisation will be the base of our practice. From solo’s to group community-exercises we will find strategies to encourage our movement qualities and movement situations. We will develop strength, coordination and perception. The…

Instinctive movement for pregnant women and doulas

Forest Lighthouse Rue Des Alliés 274, Bruxelles

Unlock the power of instinctive movement in these specialized 90-minute weekly group sessions. Tailored for expectant mothers entering their 24th week of pregnancy and beyond, these sessions also welcome their companions and doulas. Facilitated by Sandra Rivas Arbesú Sandra is a certified Mexican midwife and dancer with years of experience in guiding women through the…

20.00€ – 50.00€

Mexican Body Percussion

Forest Lighthouse Rue Des Alliés 274, Bruxelles

This lab is for performing artists who want to explore new tools and creative possibilities on stage with basic elements of rhythm and percussion in movement. Group experimentation sessions, design and experimentation of individual and collective scenes. Body percussion in traditional Mexican dance has a ritual origin, connecting the performer to the earth and enabling…


Fathom high

Forest Lighthouse Rue Des Alliés 274, Bruxelles

The workshop offers a deep, immersive experience into the universe of FATHOM HIGH, where we use neuroplasticity to unlock movement patterns, change our habits from the core, and move beyond limitations. How does it work?  FATHOM HIGH uses strategies like unorthodox coordination and attention games in order to develop a mindful state where learning is…

Abhinaya Classical Indian Dance Workshop

Forest Lighthouse Rue Des Alliés 274, Bruxelles

Abhinaya, a fundamental aspect of Indian aesthetics, embodies the art of expressive communication through emotions. 1. Cheliye Kunjanamu: (For Beginners) In this Padam, Radha is full of love and passion for her Lord Krishna. Her mood is elevated as she feels the romance in nature. She calls him to go to the garden with her.…

160.00€ – 250.00€

Bharata Natyam Performance

Forest Lighthouse Rue Des Alliés 274, Bruxelles

Discover the profound artistry of Bharatanatyam at Forest Lighthouse in Brussels. Join us for an mesmerising performance with one of the greatest Bharatanatyam Dancers of India, Bragha Bessell. Delve into the world of dance, mythology and emotions, with a special focus on the revered sentiment of Sringara - love. Bharatanatyam, one of the classical Indian…

17.00€ – 30.00€

Essential Somatics Fundamentals

Forest Lighthouse Rue Des Alliés 274, Bruxelles

Discover the root cause of pain by understanding how stress creates chronic muscle tension and limited movement. Receive live instruction that will equip you with a daily practice to meet your needs. Gain the tools you need to move towards a vibrant life of awareness, movement, and self-agency.   DAY ONE INSTRUCTION Understand how new-to-you…