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Sarah Pinckers

Sarah Pinckers is an Ayurvedic practitioner, trained both traditionally and academically (San Joan de Deu University, Barcelona) and through lifelong learning (notably in hospital settings in India – Patanjali Yog Peeth, Haridwar). She is an herbalist, massage therapist and trainer.

Passionate about movement and transforming that which hinders it, highly sensitive to societal issues influenced by consumerism (themes she has studied extensively in several theses and keeps a close eye on), she wishes to support those who wish to develop their full potential and provide concrete tools for a conscious, autonomous lifestyle, guided by natural rhythms, the heart, the intelligence and the fully awakened senses.

Her path is one of balance, combining discipline and total freedom. Committed to the transmission of Ayurveda and Yoga in their unadulterated integral message, like the Ayurvedic doctor and Indian pediatrician she has been assisting and working with since 2012, she gives training courses and workshops to share in a synthetic and humorous way how body and mind work and meet.

In parallel, she nurtures experimental artistic projects to translate and interpret her real-time experience of the living, through video art, dance, poetry, ink work and large-scale drawings, with the physical dimension often very much involved in the process.

She offers individual guidance combining therapeutic yoga, acupressure, traditional ayurvedic treatments, massage, ayurvedic herbal advice, western herbal advice, nutrition, sports nutrition, spices and cooking. She dedicated the first fifteen years of her work with Ayurveda to adults, and is now preparing to devote herself to younger people. She is currently training to become a coach for children and teenagers involved in athletics.