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Instinctive movement for pregnant women and doulas


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21 Oct - 28 Oct



Forest Lighthouse


About this event

Unlock the power of instinctive movement in these specialized 90-minute weekly group sessions. Tailored for expectant mothers entering their 24th week of pregnancy and beyond, these sessions also welcome their companions and doulas.

Facilitated by Sandra Rivas Arbesú

Sandra is a certified Mexican midwife and dancer with years of experience in guiding women through the transformative journey of childbirth.

The Objectives

During the miraculous process of childbirth, women often tap into their instinctual intelligence, setting aside the rational mind to let the awe-inspiring act of birth take its natural course. These birth preparation tools empower each woman to discover her unique path, ensuring she feels secure and nurtured throughout her physiological journey.

These workshops, which focus on spontaneous and unrestricted movement, help women navigate the latter stages of pregnancy with greater fluidity and awareness.

Workshop Program

Class 1: Foundations of Fluidity

  • Prenatal Massage and Self-Massage Techniques
  • The Role of Breathing in Ensuring a Smooth Childbirth
  • Vocal Exercises for Perineal Opening

Class 2: The Art of Movement

  • Introduction to the “Manteo” or Rebozo Technique for Preparing for Childbirth
  • Utilizing “Manteo” and Rebozo for Emotional and Physical Support During Pregnancy and Labor
  • Optimal Positions for Pelvic Mobility and Unrestricted Movement to Ease Labor

Class 3: Mind-Body Awareness

  • Bodywork Techniques for Pelvic Floor and Pelvis Awareness
  • Individual and Partner Exercises to Cultivate Fluidity Through Free Movement Exploration, Enhanced by External Stimuli such as Lighting, Sounds, Aromas, and Tactile Sensations

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